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The Diaspora


TERMS: Galut (Yiddish: Golus) “Exile”
Tefutzot (Hebrew: Tefutz) “Scattered”
Diaspora (Greek: Dispersa) “Dispersion”

  1. BC 721 – The captivity of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (10 Lost Tribes) are carried away to Assyria by Shalmaneser V and relocated in (II Kings 17:6) The Lake Oroomiah Area of Persia.

  2. BC 606 – Nebuchadnezzer conquers the Southern Kingdom of Judah carrying them away in the Captivity of the “Good Figs” and then in 586 BC, the Captivity of the “Bad Figs.” The first temple is destroyed and they are relocated in Babylon.

  3. BC 586 – A large number of Jews disobeyed Jeremiah and were crushed in a revolt fleeing into Egypt becoming mercenaries in upper Egypt on an island called “The Elephantine.”

  4. BC 165 – Rome takes control of Israel and after the Maccabean Revolts are quelched, many Jews flee to Syria and build large communities in Antioch and Damascus.

  5. AD 70 – The fulfillment of Jesus Christ’s prophecy of the temple being destroyed takes place as many Judeans flee to the Judean Mountains. The final blow is the defeat at Masada that is marked by over 1,000 Jewish revolutionaries killing each other.

  6. AD 135 – Hadrian, ends the revolts of Shimon Bar Kokhba and commands all Jews to leave Palestina, (The new name for Israel), and establishes Aeilia Capitolina in the place of the “Plowed” Jerusalem.

  7. AD 400 – Jewish “Rumi” or Romans are scattered abroad the whole Roman Empire and divide up into three distinct gropus. The Ashkenazi of Northern and Eastern Europe. The Sephardi of Iberia, North Africa and the Middle East. The Marranos or Conversos are Jews that experienced forced conversions and are spread mainly throughout the Dutch and Spanish Colonies in the New World.

  8. AD 1000 – Strabo, Philo, Seneca, Luke (The Gospel and Acts), Cicero, and Josephus all mention large populations of Jews in the Mediterranean Basin. King Agrippa I said Jews were in all Hellenized countries in the Orient plus India and China.

  9. AD 2000 – Today, there are Jews across the world with the main populations in Israel (5,703,700), United States (5,275,000), France (483,500), Canada (375,000), the United Kingdom (292,000), Russia (205,000), Argentina (182,300), and Germany (119,000).

  10. AD 2010 – The National Restoration of the whole house of Israel as depicted in Ezekiel 37 in the vision of “The Valley of Dry Bones.” The two sticks, one named Judah and the other Ephraim will be joined as God gathers them back home.

David J. Sagil, MJR Director

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