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Obadiah- The Rise Of Israel

Birthright (Bechorah), Blessing (Berakhah), & Blessed (Baruch)

The Law of “The Elder Serving The Younger” goes back to the beginnings of time, even before the Creation.

The Last Adam over the First Adam, Abel before Cain, Isaac above Ishmael and the classic struggle... Jacob verses Esau.

In the Book of Obadiah, after God pronounces Judgements upon Edom (Esau), He reminds them that they lost their Birthright in the first place.

How? Complacency about the Birthright itself. He despised or disrespected, disesteemed, disdained it according to Genesis 25:34.

There will always be another “Blessing”! Materialism is what matters. What good is the invisible Walk of Faith. I want the tangible goods and pleasures of this life today, not tomorrow.

Jacob, the plain (Hebrew Pious), desired the Spiritual. He valued the Supernatural, Unseen Dimension thru Faith more than the Natural.

He remembered the Promise of the Womb To Rebekah, “One Shall be Stronger than the Other, and The Elder Shall Serve The Younger”.

Therefore, tho it was by deceit thru the advice of his mother Rebekah, he held the rights to the “Blessing” also, because he paid the price!

While Esau was lazily enjoying the best cuts of meat off of his fresh deer-kill. Saving the last meager meal for Isaac his father. Jacob hurried to the goats, prepared the kids and rushed to dress the part.

Isaac’s Blessing Prophetically said it all, “The Voice is the Voice of Jacob...BUT the Hands are the Hands Of Esau.” Faith Without Works is Dead! Jacob DID, what Esau was slack or never wanted to do for God.

Why? He despised his birthright, he never fully repented (tho he regretted his mistake tearfully), and he hated his brother. Jacob did what he was unwilling to do.) Jealousy turns to murderous hate.

Now, the Judgements have come. Obadiah pronounces the final chapter of Esau’s descendants. How God will raise up Jacob (Israel) over Edom. And, Mt Sion will stand tall over Mt Seir.

Upon Mt Sion, Deliverance over Captivity, Holiness above Profaneness, Possession before Disinheritance...The Younger leading The Elder.

They shall Possess their Possessions! God had already Promised the Patriarchs The Land. The Prophecy that was proclaimed from the Womb. A man Jacob, who always enjoined His Faith with hard work...Even fourteen years for a beloved bride, would prevail!

Therefore, let us not be like Edom faint, but lift up the hands that hang down. Follow Peace and Holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord. Look diligently so we don’t fail the Grace (Gifts) of God and Lose our Inheritance. Only to bitterly regret it after it’s too late!

Finally, let us not fornicate with this world, be profanely ungodly or sellout. Just before we’re about to see the Birthright, Blessings and witness of us being the Matt 5 Beatitude Blessed.

Promised Possessions we’ve prayed and waited for so long. The Endtime Revival, Harvest and Gathering we’ve sowed, watered and worked for steadfastly. The Souls Of Lost Humanity!

For God wants to display in this troubling hour, who is the Blessed of the Lord. They shall see Messiah in us and say, “Baruch HaBa B’Shem Adonai” (Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord!).


Join us in this three part series in Obadiah:

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