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The Holocausts

  • AD 30(ce), With the crucifixion of Christ, the sorrow of the Jewish nation began. Their cry – His blood be upon us and on our children (Matt. 27:25) has been literally fulfilled.

  • AD 70(ce), April, The Roman army numbering 100,000 men marched against Jerusalem, led by Titus, the son of the Roman Emperor, Vespasian. The siege lasted four months. The Temple was burned to the ground. Over 1,000,000 perished in the siege while 97,000 survived as captives. The prophecy of Daniel 9:26, “The people of the prince that shall come and destroy the sanctuary.”

  • AD 135(ce), Hadrian completes the work of the dispersion by crushing the revolt of Bar Kokhba, a brutal warlord. After three and a half years 580,000 persons were destroyed. He ran a plowshare over Zion thus fulfilling the prophecy of Micah 3:12. The Jews were forbidden to even approach Aelia Capitolina, the new Roman city erected on the site of Jerusalem.

  • AD 1096(ce), “The Frown of England” which began 75 years earlier becomes a full “holy war” as all Jews that would not submit to baptism were murdered. Richard I (Coeur De Leon) called for all Jews to be robbed and murdered. The “Tragedy of York Castle” ends as the Rabbi of York and 500 followers commit a “Masada Syndrome Suicide.” (400 years no Jews in England)

  • AD 1306(ce), The “Curse of France” took place during a fast commemorating the Destruction of Jerusalem. Over 100,000 Jewish men, women and children were stripped of all their possessions, confiscated for the crown and cast out of the land. The “Pastoureaux” finished the holocaust over the next ten years as Jews were swept out of all France.

  • AD 1492(ce), King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, under the guidance of Torquemada, the Spanish Inquisitor, issue an edict of banishment or torture to all Jews in Spain. The stern Dominican held a crucifix and cried, “Behold Him whom Judas Iscariot sold for 30 pieces of silver. Sell Him now for a higher price and render an account of your bargain before God.” The indescribable sufferings lasted for nearly 200 years.

  • AD 1942(ce), Beginning in March 1942, a wave of mass murders swept across Europe. During the next 11 months 4,500,000 Jewish human beings were eliminated. By the end of WWII, the toll arose to over 6,000,000 Jews, which included 1,500,000 children, who perished at the hands of Nazi Germany.

  • AD2016?(ce), The Jewish population of the world is 14.4m Jewish persons. One fourth will be destroyed during the rise of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. Another fourth will fall prey to the pouring out of the vials. Only 144,000 or a remnant (10%) will be sealed against death and then…Anti-Christ will unleash the final holocaust…over 7m Jews killed???


  1. Could the next holocaust during the Great Tribulation be worse?

  2. How will they be able to deter who is Jewish and who is not?

  3. What will the final total of Jews that die at this time be?

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