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Covenant Relationship

"Breaking The Holocaust Syndrome"

A. The Edenic- "Respectability"- The first of eight great covenants of scritpure.

It had seven elements to it:

  1. Replenish The Earth

  2. Subdue The Earth

  3. Dominion Over Creatures

  4. Eat Herbs And Fruits

  5. Keep The Garden

  6. Abstain From The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil

  7. The Death Penalty

B. The Adamic- "Honesty"- The life of fallen man begins.​

  1. The Serpent Is Cursed

  2. Promise Of A Redeemer

  3. The State Of Woman

  4. The Earth Is Cursed

  5. The Sorrows Of Life

  6. Burdensome Labor

  7. Physical Death

C. The Noahic- "Integrity"- The era when man becomes responsible to govern the world through the Noahide Laws.​

  1. Man's Relation To Earth

  2. The Order Of Nature

  3. Human Government

  4. No Judgement By Water

  5. Canaanites Cursed

  6. Semitic Revelation

  7. Japhetic "Enlargement"

D. The Abrahamic- "Trustworthy"- The Great Covenant is formed and confirmed by seven renewings.

  1. I Will Make Of Thee A Great Nation

  2. I Will Bless Thee

  3. And Make Thy Name Great

  4. Thou Shalt Be A Blessing

  5. I Will Bless Them That Bless Thee

  6. And Curse Him That Curseth Thee

  7. In Thee Shall All The Families Of The Earth Be Blessed

E. The Mosaic- "Responsibility"- The righteous will of God given to the Jewish people. 

  1. The Commandments Of The Law (Ex.20)

  2. The Ceremonial Laws (Ex.21)

  3. The Civil Laws (Ex.24)

F. The Joshuaic- "Commitment"- The Israelites enter the Promise Land.

  1. Dispersion For Disobedience

  2. Future Repentance Of Israel

  3. Return Of The Lord

  4. Restoration Of The Land

  5. National Conversion

  6. Judgement Of Oppressors

  7. National Prosperity

G. The Davidic- "Loyalty"- The glorious Kingdom of Christ, "The Root and Offspring of David," is founded upon.

  1. A Davidic "House"

  2. Throne of Authority

  3. Kingdom Sphere Of Rule

  4. Perpetuity: "For Ever"

  5. Chastisement Without Annulment

  6. Seed of David

  7. Rebuilding Of His Tabernacle

H. The Messianic- "Unity"- The one mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus.

  1. Better Than Mosaic Covenant

  2. Better Promises

  3. Better Willingness

  4. Personal Relationship

  5. Remission Of Sins

  6. Completes Redemption

  7. Secures The Perpetuity, Future Conversion, And Blessing Of Israel


  1. How can we use these building blocks of relationships with Jews?

  2. Which covenants do Jews believe continue to this day for them?

  3. How are these covenants fulfilled by God in this day and hour?

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