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HaShoah, Holocaust, Heroism

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The Krakow Ghetto, Auschwitz Concentration Camp and then the Birkenau Death Chambers. Part of what Nazism said would be the Final Solution. Instead, it was the Final Judgements Of God on Itself.


In March 2019 we were honored to lead a contingency of Prayer Warriors from the WNOP-World Network Of Prayer. There to see and pray for the Surviving Members of those Murder Victims.


The Nation of Israel, Jewry Globally & Individual Families that will forever “Never Forget”, “Never Stop”, so it will happen, “Never Again”!


Recently, I was reminded of those moments in Poland at a book review of “The Volunteer” at the Illinois Holocaust Museum. A man that volunteered to infiltrate Auschwitz to “Stop The Genocide!”


No one would listen then. So now the Monuments, the UNESCO sites and the Yad Vashem (Books Of Names) scream out to NOT let the Memorial Candles flicker and go out now!


It was there, at Auschwitz, reading the names in these massive books of one million plus murdered human beings that I searched our family names. How many were really lost?


My mother’s family, yes the names were there; Joseph, Josef, Joseff, Josif, Joszef, Yosef and Iosef, every spelling! Each with a David first name mentioned, like my grandfather’s name, David Joseph.


But, the worst was our Szczygiel name. (The previous Polish Jewish Name before it was Anglicized in America.) There were 13 family members listed. No wonder we don’t have any family in Poland!


I had an Existential Moment, “A Moment in Time”! Was I A Phantom? A Spirit? A Being Without Body? IF, my grandfather didn’t leave Poland before World War I then...I Wouldn’t Exist!


I snapped back into Reality. I did exist! I am here! I Taste, Feel, See, Touch and Know what’s happening. I have the ability to “Always Remember”, “Never Forget” making sure this happens, “Never Again”!


In a time that the UPC-United Pentecostal Church, MCM-MultiCultural Ministries, MJR-Ministry of Jewish Relations ALL join together in 3 Days Of Fasting, Prayer and Intercession for our troubled world.


Let Yom HaShoah, The Day of Remembrance, resonate in our hearts for the Holocaust Victims, Heroes Victorious and Hearts Valorous even today, who Vow Voluntarily to keep the Vital, Vigils burning!


Shalom Ha’Olam,


David J Sagil, MJR Director

MJR (Ministry of Jewish Relations)

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