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For further Information, please contact:
David J Sagil, MJR Dir. MJR (Ministry Of Jewish Relations) MCM (Multi-Cultural Ministries) UPCI (United Pentecostal Church Int’l)
7810 W Elmgrove Drive Elmwood Park, IL 60707 Mobile: (773) 617-9550 Email: djsagil@sbcglobal.net; www.mjr.world

INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE: 1) Round trip airfare from city listed on brochure, deluxe motor coaches, First Class / Superior First Class hotels, guided sightseeing from an Apostolic perspective, entrance fees to sites visited, breakfast & dinner daily; 2) Taxes and fuel charges: Fuel Charges subject to increase by airline up to 30 days prior to departure. Taxes (including federal inspection fees for the U.S. Customs and Immigrations; international air transportation tax; agricultural tax; other per person taxes imposed by government entities; airport taxes and fees including the September 11th Security fee up to $10 per person, passenger facility charges up to $18 per person, federal domestic flight segment fees up to $3.50 per segment and U.S. and International arrival and departure, and other government imposed fees up to $300 per person); 3) Gratuities of $145 for tour guide, driver, local guides, local gratuities.

NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE: Not included in your package are passports, visas, vaccinations, laundry, lunches, telephone, mini-bar, alcohol, other beverages, and food outside of the contracted tour operator menu as presented at a hotel or restaurant (these extra items will be billed to you before leaving the hotel, or restaurant), airport transfers on non-qualifying flights, porterage at airports, Travel insurance premiums, excess baggage fees, and all other items not specifically mentioned. Any fees or fuel surcharges imposed by the airlines after the date you register for your trip.

PAYMENT: A full deposit of $300 per person is required at time of registration. Final payment must be made in the form of a check (credit cards are not accepted for final payment) and is due no later than 90-days prior to departure. Registrations received after 90-days prior to departure must be accompanied by full payment. There may be a late fee of $195 for all payments or new registrations received 75-60 days prior to departure. All tour prices are based on a minimum group size of 15 passengers for prices to be valid. If group size is 14-11 travelers a $150 per person supplement to price may apply. If group size is less than 10 travelers, the tour may be cancelled due to lack of participation. If final (full) payment is not received by the Ministry of Jewish Relations (hereafter referred to as MJR) 60-days prior to departure, you will be automatically cancelled from the tour and your initial deposit of $300 will be forfeited. MJR reserves the right to add a surcharge if the dollar declines by more than 2% against the shekel or euro based on foreign exchange rates in effect on date when your tour was booked by your tour leader/church.
ACCOMMODATIONS: Price is based on double occupancy (two persons sharing a room). When available, single rooms are often smaller than doubles. While MJR will try to match roommates, we cannot guarantee one will be available. Roommates may be assigned as late as 35 days prior to departure. If one is not available or if you request a single room, there will be a single room supplement charge: $595 for basic itinerary.

ITINERARY and CHANGES: Because airlines often change flight schedules after brochures are printed, MJR reserves the right to shorten or lengthen the itinerary accordingly. You will be notified in writing when possible. If itinerary changes necessitate extra overnights, you will be charged $195 per night/per person (single rooms $225/night). Meals for extra nights are not included. Any changes and/or deviations from the program and/or departure city listed by the passenger must be provided in writing to MJR no later than 75-days prior to departure and any extra costs incurred will be billed to the passenger. All tours are final at 60-days prior to departure. No changes and/or additions may be made to the tour after that time.
AIRLINE TICKETS: In order to keep prices low, MJR does not guarantee you will be on the most direct flights to your final destination. Flight routings are chosen by the airlines and not MJR. Airline tickets cannot be changed or refunded once printed. Air transportation to/from your destination will be economy class and are non-refundable, non-amendable tickets for groups of 10 or more flying together for entire itinerary. MJR is unable to use individual frequent flyer points to upgrade or accept them as partial payment for air transportation.
VISAS: Applicable visas will be obtained by MJR for U.S. and Canadian Citizens only. All passengers who do not carry U.S. or Canadian Passports will be responsible for obtaining visas to the countries they are visiting. MJR is not responsible for non-U.S. & Canadian Passport holders.

FLIGHT TIMES: All flight times are subject to change by the airlines without advance notice. MJR is not responsible for such changes or delays and does not reimburse expenses resulting from such delays. If making your own flight arrangements to a departure city, we recommend you purchase a ticket which can be changed without large penalties. Passengers are responsible for reconfirming their flights with the airline 24 hours prior to departure.

CANCELLATION FEES: If the tour is cancelled due to lack of participation, there will be a charge of $150 deducted from the amount refunded to each passenger for administrative fees plus any airline penalties if applicable. Any cancellation from day of registration to 100 days prior to departure will be charged a $300 non-refundable administrative fee plus any airline penalties, if applicable. You will also be charged a single room fee if your cancellation forces your roommate into a single room. The following charges also apply: 99-60 days = $500; 59-45 days = $1750; 44-25 days = 75% of total cost; 24 days to day of departure = 100% of total cost. All Cancellations must be received in writing. On or after the day of departure there is no refund for any services not used. We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance (please see the box below).

PASSPORT: Each passenger is responsible for making sure that they have a valid passport that has an expiration date at least six months after the date of return from their trip.
STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY: MJR and its associated companies agree to provide the itinerary described in this brochure. This represents the entire agreement between the passenger and his agent, the travel agent, the tour host, and the tour operator. All prices, itineraries and schedules are subject to regulations and changes by acts of government, international agreement, and airline tariff adjustments, rules, and regulations. MJR reserves the right to refuse or revoke travel to anyone who is, in the sole judgment of MJR, incapable of group travel. Except for the willful negligence of its direct employees, the tour operator assumes no liability or responsibility for any injuries, inconveniences, illness, irregularity, or incidental damages caused by circumstances beyond the control of the tour operator or by any person or reason whatsoever, including but not limited to events such as strikes, revolts, wars, natural disasters, closures of airports or hotel, default or omission of any common or private carrier, or the fault, negligence, or omission of and by any third party providing services or facilities related to or included in this tour or any part thereof, or in arranging for the same, or the acts or omissions of the travel agent or the tour host.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: By traveling on this tour you affirm that you are fit to participate in this tour and accept all risks to your safety and health. All travel involves risks, and travel to some countries, including Israel, involves a heightened risk to your health and safety, including risks from terrorism, criminal acts, and illness. You understand and freely accept these risks, and you generally and specifically release and hold harmless MJR and their officers, agents and employees from any liability and any claims for (i) any physical, mental, emotional or other injuries whatsoever that you may sustain related to this tour; (ii) delays, damages, illness, injuries or death, or for the loss of or damage to property, from any cause (including negligence) and however occurring; and (iii) any accident, illness, injury, damage, sickness, loss of personal property, delay, or other Injury or claim of any kind related to or arising from strikes, armed conflicts, social or labor unrest or strikes/work stoppages, war or acts of war, terrorism or terrorist acts, acts of God, mechanical or construction failures or difficulties, diseases, local laws or acts of local or government authorities, criminal acts, weather or climatic conditions, volcanic eruption, earthquake, disruption of advertised schedules, refusal of visas, or any other causes beyond their direct control.

ENROLLMENT IN AND PAYMENT FOR THE TOUR, CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE CONDITIONS AND STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY. The conditions become a binding contract where your enrollment and payment are received and accepted by MJR.

While we do our very best at making sure all items listed in your itinerary are included, there are times when conditions beyond our control affect the itinerary, including but not limited to air carrier changes, delays, weather, political climate, time constraints, or changes by your tour leader and tour guide.

PRIVACY POLICY: Protecting your private information is our priority. Any information collected by mjr.world will only be used by mjr.world for the purpose of delivering the service you requested and to advise you of any other services provided and to keep you updated as to the progress of this ministry. Your information will not be sold, rented or leased to any third parties.

Ila Sagil

Ila Sagil

Ila Sagil, MJR Ministry Of Jewish Relations, MJR Israel Tour Co-host. Pastor's wife for 35 years. Currently serving as Religious Education Director, Ladies Ministries Coordinator. Founded and Chaired the Christian Womens Business Association of Elmwood Park, IL.

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