Significance of Sedar Dinner

The Passover is a religious celebration that marks the exodus of the Israelite’s from Egypt and is observed with a meal of symbolic foods, prayers, stories and blessings. For the Christians, the Pesach holidays (usually celebrated around Easter) hold a different significance altogether. Jesus is depicted as the final Passover Lamb in the New Testament who was sacrificed to free people spiritually from the slavery of their sins, just like the lamb had once been instrumental in the physical deliverance of Hebrew slaves from bondage in Egypt. Thus, for Christians, Passover celebration is a memorial and a tribute to Jesus for the great sacrifice that he made for our redemption.

Ila Sagil

Ila Sagil

Ila Sagil, MJR Ministry Of Jewish Relations, MJR Israel Tour Co-host. Pastor's wife for 35 years. Currently serving as Religious Education Director, Ladies Ministries Coordinator. Founded and Chaired the Christian Womens Business Association of Elmwood Park, IL.

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