Rosh HaShanah “A New Year, A New Thing, A New Terror”

La Shana Tova! (A Good Year) The greeting that will be expressed repeatedly thruout Israel and among Jewish people globally.
The Promise (Ha Tahchah!), the Hope (HaTikveh!), the Remembrance (HaZikaron!) All Those mingle and loom large in the psyche of Jewish minds. That with every new year, the uncertainties leave us proverbially…”Looking Thru A Glass Darkly”.
In our last Miami, FL Regional Conference we shared Matthew 24: The 7 Warnings, The 7 Witnesses and The 7 Wonders that Yeshua prophesied would come to pass as “Signs Of His Coming”.
How many prophecies are fulfilled already? What needs to take place yet? Is the “End Of The Age”(HaKetz) on the Horizon? Behold is He standing at the door knocking harder and harder!
While there remains few things yet to be fulfilled. The intensity and the uncertainty will multiply as we are channeled swiftly to the final chapter of this age’s completion.
However, Yeshua HaMaschiach gave us the 7 Assurances that will not only sustain us thru it all but, cause us as Daniel to, “Know God, Be Strong and Do Exploits”.
There will be terrifying things, fiery trials, hard tribulations, severe testings…BUT, thru Messiah, they will give way to “Tremendous, Terrifice and Titanic” proportions of Revival!
We shall truly be able to say…I Can, I Will, I Did, do ALL THINGS thru Messiah who Strengthens (HaChazak!) Me!
LaShana Tova, Rabbi Sagil
Heather Afable

Heather Afable

Heather Afable received her BA in Psychology from North Park University Chicago and her MA in Teaching from Concordia University Chicago. Heather is an active member of New Horizon Temple. She takes leading roles in NHT's music ministry, youth ministry, and children's ministry. Heather serves as MJR's administrative assistant.

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