All Nations Sunday! All Nations Month! All Nations Year!

All Nations Sunday! All Nations Month! All Nations Year!
The Greatest Promotion Of The Year Becomes Yearlong.
(Over 70 Asian Indian Hindus Attend NHT’S VBS This July.)
The UPCI officially celebrated ”All Nations Sunday” on October 20th across North America. New Horizon Temple’s date this year was October 27th…But, can it be more?
“All Nation’s Sunday” Total Attendance was 145 for that specific date. Of those attending; 3 received the Holy Ghost, 5 were Renewed, 11 Repented and 1 was Baptized.
However, for the whole “All Nations Month”, we saw 108 Visitors come to multiple MultiCultural Ministry events. Along with those attending, 66 Nationalities were recorded.
Because of the incredible response these last 4 years and the large group of visitors attending, (all leading to church growth), We Had To Do More!
So, we expanded our “All Nations Sunday” to “All Nations Month” and NOW to “All Nations, All Year”. (A Church Leader is sponsoring an ethnic group to reach-out to each month.)
Our AIM group was sponsored by Ila Jean Sagil this year. She had a morning VBS at the main church campus, but also a Asian Indian VBS Outreach in the evening at a community center.
The Total Attending? At least 83 People: 69 Asian Indian Hindus, 11 Somalian Muslims and 3 Asian Indian Evangelicals. Many received the Holy Spirit. (NHT now has seen over 12 Asian Indians receive the HG!)
So, whether it’s 1 Day, 1 Month, or 1 Year…We all know when we do more, God will give us more of the North American Global Harvest!
Having “All Nations Sunday” is a great time for the flag-flying parades, colorful pageantry and the tasty provisions! But, nothing compares to the Global Harvest of Souls In our local congregations.

Heather Afable

Heather Afable

Heather Afable received her BA in Psychology from North Park University Chicago and her MA in Teaching from Concordia University Chicago. Heather is an active member of New Horizon Temple. She takes leading roles in NHT's music ministry, youth ministry, and children's ministry. Heather serves as MJR's administrative assistant.

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