Mission Accomplished! Poland & Israel 2019

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! This phrase best describes the results of OPERATION POLAND & ISRAEL that convened March 3-14, 2019, as a team of 34 intercessors embarked on a strategic prayer journey (mission). The mission consisted of a “prayer walk/drive” & historical tour itinerary as the team met the objective to strategically pray and prophetically speak God’s end-time vision for a great spiritual awakening, revival, and harvest in Poland and Israel. The Ministry of Jewish Relations (MJR) and World Network of Prayer (WNOP) partnered together for this once in a lifetime journey in executing the God-given mandate to go forth in prayer evangelism. Consequently, God granted us the ultimate victory unto His glory!
The tour host was Rabbi David Sagil (Ila Sagil), Director of MJR. On this mission, more than 34 strategic prayers were lifted to the throne of God on behalf of Poland and Israel. The prayers, territorial research, and historical information were compiled in a prayer booklet assembled by Juli Jasinski and Patty Daswezski.
Some prayer and tour site visits in Poland included: Oscar Schindler’s Factory; Old City of Krakow; Kazimierez (Historic Jewish Quarter); The Remah Synagogue and Cemetery; Monument at the former Plaszow Concentration Camp (high place); Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camps; The Warsaw Museum (History of Polish Jews); The Warsaw Ghetto; The Underground Archives; The Nozyk Synagogue; Lido Station, etc.
After leaving Warsaw, the group took a flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. Then we boarded the bus to Jerusalem. We visited the Museum of the Dead Sea Scrolls; First Temple Model; Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu; David’s Tomb; Antonia’s Fortress (hiding cave); Cenacle (Upper room); The Last Supper site; Western Wall (Kotel): just before Shabbath; Bethlehem; The Church of the Nativity; Sheppard’s Field; Via Dolorosa; The Temple Mount; Masada; Qumran Caves; The Dead Sea; Garden of Gethsemane; The Passion Of Christ; Place of the Skull; The Crucifixion Site; The Garden Tomb; Jericho; Tel Beit She’an; Tiberias; Base of Mount Hermon; Caesarea, Philippi; Panias; Banias Springs; Palace of Agrippa II; Capernaum; Sea of Galilee; Mount of Beatitudes; Jordan River (baptismal sites); Megiddo; Mount Carmel; Night Spectacular: Citadel (Tower of David, Light Show), etc.
Some of the highlights of the trip include:
  • The team prayed throughout Poland and successfully pulled down ungodly strongholds through intercessory prayer. We went to the high place associated with traditional idolatry. Upon rendering prayer, the sky darkened and a retaliating force through a sudden violent wind and rain attempted to force us off the mount, but suddenly a spiritual breakthrough occurred, followed by a sign. Immediately after prayer, the storm suddenly ceased and a piercing bright sun ray lit up the sky over the mount we were on! Mission Accomplished!
  • We interceded for all Jews whose families were killed in concentration camps or by the Nazi’s in general. The team prayed for forgiveness, healing, peace, comfort, strength, restoration, and salvation. Mission Accomplished!
  • A rock from each of Poland’s concentration camps were symbolically placed on the ground and left in Jerusalem as a representation of forgiveness, restoration, and peace to every generation, as we prayed for the nations of Poland and Israel. Mission Accomplished!
  • At Antonia’s Fortress in Israel, Ila Sagil shared her testimony of healing and how we could choose life or death, etc., and the presence of God manifested. In response, two Polish women tourists fell to their knees praying fervently. Jay Stirnemann and other team members prayed with them. One lady had stammering lips and the other was filled with the Holy Ghost! What great spiritual confirmation of reconciliation…a Polish person receiving the Spirit of God in the land of Israel! Mission Accomplished!
  • The team visited and discretely prayed at the Temple Mount, while silently anointing the ground with oil and prophetically decreeing God’s Word! Mission Accomplished!
  • We prayed in Roman Cathedrals and Jewish synagogues against false doctrines and for a revelation of doctrinal truths and of the One True God, Jesus Christ, The Messiah! Mission Accomplished!
  • Rabbi Sagil conducted a communion service in a chapel near the Garden Tomb. The presence of God ushered in the midst of the service and two messages of tongues and interpretation came forth that basically assured God had sent us, was with us, had used us, will use us more, and had granted us the victory! He ascertained that He is coming soon; His promises were sure; and that He would be glorified in our lives, in Jerusalem, and in the earth, etc. Mission Accomplished!
  • Evil gateways were shut down in Israel at various places among ancient ruins of temples of idol worship. The power of God was released at key historical sites and pinnacles through gateways of prayer established, so that His Spirit can have the preeminence to bring a great awakening, revival and unprecedented harvest! Mission Accomplished!
  • On our last evening in Israel, the team gathered in a hotel meeting room and a powerful prayer meeting transpired after some of our Church leaders (David & Ila Sagil, Flo Shaw, Jay Stirnemann, and William Dillon) exhorted and prayed for the team. Mission Accomplished!
  • Our bus ride to Ben Gurion International airport was filled with prayer. Participants testified of the powerful trip impact, and many of us agreed, in a positive sense, that we will never be the same! Mission Accomplished!
WNOP would like to thank all who contributed to the great success of this trip! The pictures and quotes below speak volumes of what transpired on this strategic prayer journey, and the link to the picturesque video tells the rest of the story.In this Godly commission…from America, to Poland, to Israel, and back to America, just like the stamp of a passport, truly in our “mission in life” for Operation Poland & Israel, the trip stamp clearly declares:
Flo Shaw
World Network of Prayer
Note: Article excerpts submitted by Patty Daszewski and photos and video, by Susan Smith.


WNOP Poland and Israel Prayer Journey
MJR & WNOP Poland and Israel Prayer Journey
“I thoroughly enjoyed the Poland/Israel trip. It was wonderful being with so many faithful prayer warriors who acted as spiritual watchmen as we stormed the gates of hell in order to bring healing to these nations. Mission accomplished!” ~ Jay Stirnemann
“The trip to Poland-Israel was so amazing. To my surprise the country of Poland is so beautiful and ripe for revival. The Lord has not forgotten that country. Israel was the frosting on the cake. It was such a blessing to be back in the Holy Land once again. I was able to pray with two ladies from Poland, at the Judgement hall and we believe they received the Holy Ghost. I’m looking forward to returning Israel as the Lord leads.” ~ Juli Jasinski
“There are very memorable moments. The best for me was in the Garden of Gesthemane. It was so moving and emotional. The presence of the Lord was so strong; all I could do was fall on my face and weep. To think what He went through for me. Communion afterwards was amazing with tongues and interpretation confirming we were in the will of God. This was the best trip, life changing. I just want to get closer to God. I’m so thankful God gave me the opportunity.” ~ Joan Olival-Dacey
“To God be the glory; e has blessed me beyond measure. This trip to Poland-Israel was a life- changing event. To walk where Jesus walked, to pray in the garden that Jesus prayed in. To see the land where He lived. What a blessing to know how Jesus loved is and walked up that long hard hill carrying his cross one step at a time. Getting to know Jesus more was to walk on that road as he walked on it, although we all carry our own cross and our cross is not as his cross was. To go and stand on top of Mt Megiddo, the place where the Lords feet will be placed when he returns for his bride. What a blessing, it was and is a life-changing event that I will never forget.” ~ Jaqueline Britto
“Words cannot express this trip of a lifetime. Seeing and hearing the atrocities the Jews endured is a reminder to keep them in prayer that this does not happen again on our watch. We must continue to pray for the peace of Israel. As I was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane I felt such a peace. I told God I was thankful for the few souvenirs I was bringing home but what I wanted to take home the most was a spirit of prayer. We need to pray as Jesus prayed. At the last place we visited seeing what looked like a modern-day stadium and hearing of the depravity of that day and sadly knowing the same things are now present in our time lets me know the Church is asleep. Wake up Church!!! Loved meeting everyone. God bless everyone to do the will of God.” ~ Dianne Ellis
“Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this trip! The Lord confirmed that many strongholds have been broken and we will see the direct results of what He will do.” ~ Gerri Mays
“We will behold miracles due to this trip. Things will begin to unfold in the months ahead. Things that seem like they haven’t moved, are going to open doors that seem as though they are forever shut. This is in our personal lives, but also for churches. Something has been birthed in the supernatural and these will manifest into the natural. God sealed this promise with a scripture in Revelation 3:7-8.” ~ Sue Borgenson
“This trip was eye opening and life changing. I left Poland with a love and burden for the Polish people. I believe God bound some things and opened a door for unprecedented revival. Who will go?” ~ Michelle Cron
“This was a trip of “firsts”: traveling with WNOP and MJR, going to Poland and Israel, meeting new people, trying new foods. We were exceedingly blessed by the focused prayer in both countries coupled with the insightful, revelatory teaching. Together, they made the historical tours even more profound and meaningful! Thanks Sis. Flo Shaw and Rabbi David Sagil for organizing this trip! Hope to travel and pray with you again!” ~ Keith & Kathie Williams
“The group was exceptional in focused prayer at the strategic sites visited engaging in warfare by pulling down strongholds of generations that had influenced both countries. In the Valley of Armageddon as I was remembering the horrors of Poland and the horrors of what is about to come, as we prayed, I felt the glory of God fall on us. In the Garden of Gethsemane, a word came that we were all given an angel and the LORD impressed on my heart that this group, on a covert mission, was assigned more missions to come as were the Apostles in the book of Acts. I was humbled to be a part of this team under our commander Jesus, Yeshua Adoni, for the mission was truly His and He is victorious.” ~ Diana Gaweda


Heather Afable

Heather Afable

Heather Afable received her BA in Psychology from North Park University Chicago and her MA in Teaching from Concordia University Chicago. Heather is an active member of New Horizon Temple. She takes leading roles in NHT's music ministry, youth ministry, and children's ministry. Heather serves as MJR's administrative assistant.

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