Ministry Of Jewish Relations 2016 Regional Conference

Rosh HaShana, LaShana Tova, 1 Tishri 5777
The Jewish New Year Has Begun!!! The Third Prophetic Year!
And so we have come thru… The Shmita Year – (Sabbath ~ 49th Year), The Yobal Year – (Jubilee ~ 50th Year), The Sheba Year – (Law Of Sevens ~ 5777 Year). Sheba – Completion, Perfection, Sanctification¬†
– All Consecutively, All Distinctively, All Amazingly Prophetic –
All these and more will be discussed in our special services this Friday, Saturday & Sunday at Christian Life Center of Golden Valley, MN.
Join us for a “Journey thru the Judaistic Roots of Christianity” and find the “Faith that was once delivered to the Saints”…
In the First Century!¬†It’s…

Ila Sagil

Ila Sagil

Ila Sagil, MJR Ministry Of Jewish Relations, MJR Israel Tour Co-host. Pastor's wife for 35 years. Currently serving as Religious Education Director, Ladies Ministries Coordinator. Founded and Chaired the Christian Womens Business Association of Elmwood Park, IL.

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