Ministry Of Jewish Relations 2016 Regional Conference

Rosh HaShana, LaShana Tova, 1 Tishri 5777
The Jewish New Year Has Begun!!! The Third Prophetic Year!
And so we have come thru… The Shmita Year – (Sabbath ~ 49th Year), The Yobal Year – (Jubilee ~ 50th Year), The Sheba Year – (Law Of Sevens ~ 5777 Year). Sheba – Completion, Perfection, Sanctification 
– All Consecutively, All Distinctively, All Amazingly Prophetic –
All these and more will be discussed in our special services this Friday, Saturday & Sunday at Christian Life Center of Golden Valley, MN.
Join us for a “Journey thru the Judaistic Roots of Christianity” and find the “Faith that was once delivered to the Saints”…
In the First Century! It’s…

Ila Sagil

Ila Sagil

Ila Sagil, MJR Ministry Of Jewish Relations, MJR Israel Tour Co-host. Pastor's wife for 35 years. Currently serving as Religious Education Director, Ladies Ministries Coordinator. Founded and Chaired the Christian Womens Business Association of Elmwood Park, IL.

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