2015 Ministry of Jewish Relations Conference Report


THE DAY —The 3rd MJR North American Conference  was held in a former Jewish Synagogue in the Milwaukee Area, Beth-El Nir Tamid, now Christian Life Church, Mequon, WI. There were Over 350 Participants attending the 2015 MJR NA Conference..

1ST DAYThe First Night was a special overview of the purpose and passion of Donald D Hanscom, the “Father of MultiCultural Ministries” and his talented wife Saundra Hanscom, who shared the evangelism opportunities of “I-Mission, Global Tracts, and the 20-plus MCM efforts”.

2ND DAYThe Second Night was our “Honor Israel Night” that was visited by a manifestation of God’s Spirit in a mighty way. The Event was attended by members of surrounding Jewish Synagogues, including over 30 people from the Beth-El Nir Tamid, Who said, “We’d like to talk more about what you said tonight concerning Yeshua.” “The renovation of the property is astounding, but the atmosphere in this place is Amazing…We’ll be back!”

Consul Omer Eshel, the Israel Ministry Of Tourism said, “The closest thing to Jewish Worship is Pentecostal Worship!” Stand With Us Director, Dr Peggy Shapiro stated, “Rev Sagil, that was powerful!” They all joined in a “Circle Dance” with several UPCI Leaders celebrating the “Power of Pentecost” and “Solidarity with Israel”.

Then, we heard from Pastor Joe Hanthorn, Host Pastor, Bishop John Putnam WI Dist Supt and Keynote Speaker, WV Dist Supt, David Hudson.  They graciously and giftedly addressed us with timely expressions of  “Support for Israel” and “God’s Promises to the Jewish People”.

3RD DAYThe morning sessions were marked by a “Jewish Sensitivity Class” followed by a tour of the Jewish Museum of Milwaukee, WI. There 3  Jewish Leaders of meet with us before we heard from a Holocaust Survivor. They remarked, “We heard about the “Big Event” last night. We want to come next year if you do it again!”

That evening, we enjoyed an “Apostolic Pentecostal-Messianic Style Seder Dinner” attended by 200 people. The Theme was, the “Double Portion Blessing” of the “Early and Latter Rain Endtime Revival”!

A Turkish Muslim Official and her son, attended the dinner (On Her Birthday!), In spite of a severe back ailment caused by a spinal disorder! We asked for our leaders to lay hands on her and pray for her healing. “God’s Anointing” fell freely upon us all!

She and her son begin to weep! They later were lifting their hands to heaven as we were worshipping “The God of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac”. Later she told me, “God touched me and my back is much better!” (She also gave our ministry two airline tickets to Israel.)

Think about, A Turkish Muslim, invited by A Jewish Consul, at an Apostolic Messianic Seder Dinner and all Praising God… Pentecostal Style! Only the work of God’s Love.

4TH DAYThe fourth day opened with an anointed prayer service led by WI Dist Prayer Coordinator, Pastor Don Rogers . Rev David J Sagil, MJR Coordinator followed with teachings on  “The Seven Blood Covenants”, their significance and how they negate “Calvinist Covenant Theology”,  “The Blood of Christ” thru the spiritual circumcision and what name it is applied thru…Jesus, Yeshua, YeHoshua And Or All?  Lastly, “The Blood Moons, Solar Eclipses and Astro Alignments” with their “Seven Witnesses, Seven Warnings and Seven Wonders” (See attached)  (Listen). These herald “The Last Days Final Hours” as God gathers the Jewish Diaspora from across the globe back to Israel!  May God fulfill “Your Dreams and Israel’s Hopes!” And WHY NOT? Join us on our next Israel HolyLand Tour…Shalom!

David J Sagil, Coordinator Donald M Handscom, Director

MJR (Ministry Of Jewish Relations) MCM (Multi-Cultural Ministries)
Website: www.mjrupci.com UPCI (United Pentecostal Church Int’l)

David Sagil

David Sagil, Founder and Pastor of New Horizon Temple from 1982 to Present . Board of Governors, The Apostolic Initiative, Washington DC, MJR UPCI Founder and Director from 2008 to present. Active in lobbing in Washington DC, New York City and Jerusalem for Pro- Israel Initiatives. Rev Sagil received his Bachelor of Theology from Apostolic Bible Institute, St Paul, MN .

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